Village of North Bend Military/Veteran Recognition Banner Program, 2023-2024

The Military/Veteran Recognition Banner Program has been established to honor and recognize active-duty military personnel and military veterans that live or have lived in the Village of North Bend.

Military/Veteran Banners will display the official military photo or other approved photo of the service member or veteran, as well as their name, rank, and branch of the United States Armed Forces. The program coordinators will determine how long banners will be displayed, usually between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

The Village of North Bend Military//eteran Recognition Banner Program application period is open from September 15, 2023 December 7, 2023.

Applications will be accepted until all spaces are filled or December 7, 2023.


To qualify for the Military//eteran Recognition Banner Program, the following criteria must be met:
the honoree is an active-duty member or military veteran (Honorably Discharged) of the United States Armed Forces the honoree must be a current or past resident of the Village of North Bend must complete and qualify per application

Application Banners will be designed and raised in the order that applications are received and approved, and upon space availability.
Applications must include:
           - honoree service person ls first & last name branch of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Space Force.
           - verification of military status DD214 (see an official military photo or other Village of North Bend approved photo of the honoree

             (must be high resolution minimum 300dpi, jpeg format) and must be sent electronically; no hardcopy photos will be accepted

By submitting the application, you hereby grant the Village of North Bend Military Recognition Banner Program coordinators to use the attached documents (which includes a likeness of me, my relative or person being sponsored) in the Village of North Bend Military Recognition Banners Project without payment or other consideration.

Application for Active Military/Veteran and Contact Information

Date: _______________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ___________

Phone: (    )

Email: ______________________________________________

Relationship to Active Military or Veteran

Name: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________

Program Information: Contact Village Deputy Clerk at 513-941-0610,
or email:

For security reasons we suggest that you copy your DD214 and "Black Out" the social security numbers, and send us a scan of the copied and marked out document.

Reach out to Marilyn Kramer for other options if you prefer not to upload your DD214.

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