The Village of North Bend is located in the southwest corner of Ohio in Hamilton County, 15 miles west of downtown Cincinnati and 6 miles east of the Ohio/Indiana state line. Named for the most northerly bend of the Ohio River between the Muskingum and Mississippi Rivers, North Bend is rich in local and national history.

A Yard Waste Only~~North Bend History North Bend takes great pride in its illustrious history. Settled by John Cleves Symmes in 1789, North Bend is the home of William Henry Harrison- the 9th U.S. President, birthplace of Benjamin Harrison-the 23rd President and the cradle of local Three Rivers history. North Bend, along with Quincy, Mass. are the only two communities in America that can claim two presidents. As the site of such a magnificent history and heritage, North Bend occupies a lofty seat in American history.

If you have questions or need information about William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison and their connection to North Bend, want to visit Harrison's burial site or the Harrison-Symmes Museum or have questions about North Bend and the Three Rivers area please e-mail the Harrison-Symmes Memorial Foundation Museum at or visit


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          June - Council Meeting
Monday, June 28, 2021, 7:00PM 

Village of North Bend Administration Building / Council Hall



NOTE: The Village Office will be closed

June 14th, June 16th, July 2nd and July 5th


Now Hiring,  Full-Time Working Maintenance Supervisor

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervise Part Time team members
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • General Maintenance & Repair
  • Special Project Supervision
  • Village Beautification
  • Ohio Public Employee Retirement System participation


                              Apply to: Village of North Bend Ohio                                                                        

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